About Vintage Instincts...

Vintage Instincts is a nostalgic streetwear brand that combines vintage style and modern design. Inspired by the roots of street culture, our clothing designs incorporate nostalgic influences and reworked vintage fabrics.

Surviving decades in pristine condition, we breathe new life into vintage fabrics that have withstood the test of time. Cut and sewn in Canada by a professional seamstress, Vintage Instincts is creating a unique style while reviving the best elements of vintage fashion.

Vintage Instincts promotes environmental sustainability in fashion by reworking vintage clothing and textiles that may have otherwise gone to waste. We proudly donate one piece of gently used clothing for every Vintage Instincts design sold, and we are committed to increasing our efforts to reduce, reuse, and recycle.

Vintage Instincts is within everybody. Whether it’s a memory from watching childhood cartoons, a lucky pair of sneakers you have from when you played ball, or an autographed tshirt from your favourite hip hop tour. Whatever it is, we all have connections to the past, and those experiences are the foundation that Vintage Instincts is built on.