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Vintage Instincts is a growing streetwear brand that focuses on combining vintage style and modern design. Founded in 2013, the brand sources inspiration from vintage nostalgia, and repurposes rare vintage fabrics into original clothing designs. Vintage Instincts also curates vintage fashion, sourcing hard to find vintage clothing from iconic streetwear brands.

The website is kept up to date with a collection of vintage streetwear, and new cut and sew designs are always in the works. The most recent SS16 collection features a group of 90's inspired Color Block designs, a 90's cartoon inspired Hey Arnold dad hat, 1996 Space Jam/Looney Tunes shirts, and a variety of other designs.

We believe many of you can offer useful insights and feedback to the Vintage Instincts brand. We appreciate everyone who takes the time to browse the website and Instagram (@VintageInstincts). Everyone who comments here with feedback on some of our designs will be entered to win $50 store credit. 



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  • I really like the old school jackets with the fancy designs. A lot of the bomber jackets you have are really cool as well as some of the hilfiger stuff. The looney tunes stuff is super cool. I really like the reinterpreted versions of the old culture. Keep the unique sweaters and jackets coming! Especially the one of a kind type stuff. The clock jacket was dope, I wish I had copped that. I just ordered one of your silk bomber jackets about a week ago that you only had one in medium of. I also ordered a looney tunes daff duck shirt. I’m really excited for some more unique 90’s stuff. I think some hip hop related stuff would be super cool. The polo bear things are awesome,I think you should continue to do more work with that. Only complaint I would have is a couple things seem a little pricey but otherwise keep up the good work and please release more stuff.

    Andrew on
  • Only feedback I’d give is that I enjoy your simpler designs (ralph bear polo, stripe sweaters etc) over the busier designs such as the 90’s block designs – I think the basic design with a splash of vintage looks better!

    Ollie on

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