NEW RELEASE: Nostalgic GameBoy Color Hats

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As part of our nostalgic gaming collection, Vintage Instincts has released two new hats. The Nintendo GameBoy Color was the obvious inspiration behind the new dad hat design. The iconic lettering is instantly recognizable to many, and anyone who sees you wearing this GameBoy Color hat is guaranteed a dose of nostalgia.

Released in 1998, it was one of the first handheld gaming consoles 90’s kids got their hands on. Featuring a full colour display but no backlight, staying up late playing in the dark was always a challenge. Countless hours were spent collecting bananas in Donkey Kong, catching Pokemon, and solving puzzles in Zelda. Long car rides were a breeze with a charged up battery and a few of your favourite games.

Available in black and white, the nostalgic Nintendo inspired GameBoy Color design and the rest of the gaming collection is available here.

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