Gold Plated VS. Gold Filled Jewelry - Which is Better?

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Solid gold chains can be quite expensive, especially when the cost of gold is more than $1000/ounce. Gold plated and gold filled jewelry is an affordable alternative to solid gold, but of course you still want to buy quality jewelry. What's the difference between gold plated and gold filled jewelry?

Gold plating is a method of covering another type of metal with a very thin, almost microscopic, layer of gold by electroplating it. Some brands may refer to gold-plated jewelry as gold-overlay, which is basically the same thing. The downside to gold plating is that because the layer of gold is so thin, gold plating tends to chip and tarnish over time.

Gold filled jewelry (usually stamped 18KGL) is a higher quality and much more valuable alternative to gold plating. Although not solid gold, gold filled jewelry usually has at least 3x more gold content than gold plated jewelry. The process involves bonding multiple layers of 18K gold that results in a much thicker gold coating. Gold filled jewelry is much more durable than gold plated, and it will not tarnish or chip over time. Our gold rope chains (available in 3 sizes) have a life time warranty to guarantee against this type of wear. 

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