Vintage Inspired Streetwear Clothing

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Vintage Instincts is a vintage inspired streetwear brand that creates limited releases using a local cut and sew operation. We repurpose rare vintage fabrics and incorporate them into modern clothing designs. We also curate the best of vintage fashion, with the aim of reviving iconic trends while defining our own unique style. 

We are an independent streetwear brand and vintage clothing supplier, inspired by the rich history of street culture and all of the creative outlets that encompass it. Since 2013 we have been thriving on the support of style innovators around the world, and we truly appreciate everyone who has connected with us in any way. As we continue to grow and move forward, we remain focused on creating unique clothing designs and sourcing the most hard to find vintage pieces.

To help show our appreciation, take 10% off your order and enjoy free worldwide shipping with the discount code "SUPPORTVI"


vintage windbreaker

vintage streetwear crewneck

18K gold rope chain

vintage zippo lighter

streetwear duffel bag




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