What is Street Culture?

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Over several decades street culture has been shaped and defined by the lifestyles of urban youth. Its roots are established in hip-hop music, skateboarding, dance, graffiti art, and other creative outlets. Street culture represents the livelihood of previous generations, growing up with the same interests and the same hardships that we all still have today. Street culture has evolved over time while staying true to its organic roots, tapping into different aspects of artistic expression and shaping a lifestyle for kids who grow up in the city.

Whether you’re from the east coast or the west, when you were a kid growing up there was nothing cooler than landing your first kick-flip off a sketchy stair set, or going to the record store to buy an iconic hip-hop album when it first came out. Whether it was the time you almost got caught spray painting a brick wall, or the time you managed to get your hands on sold out tickets to a concert that was coming to your city... We all have connections to the past that engrain themselves in street culture.

Established in the 1980’s, street culture can be traced back to early influencers in emerging industries. Hip-hop music and gangsta rap exploded, and new trends emerged as popular artists influenced the masses. Street wear and style are deeply rooted in street culture, and play an important role in how people express themselves. Whether it’s your music, art, fashion, or sports, we continue to define our individuality and influence street culture. Vintage Instincts was established to connect you with the roots of street culture, reviving some of the most iconic styles of the past while defining our own unique style.


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