90's Johnny Bravo Hats

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Johnny Bravo was an iconic show on the Cartoon Network that originally aired in July 1997. Often regarded as one of the funniest cartoons on the network, it was nominated for numerous awards and Johnny became a historic reference in the world of 90's cartoons.

The series revolved around Johnny Bravo, who was a thick headed and broad shouldered womanizer with a slick haircut. Never without his comb, the cartoon focused on Bravo's attempts to date woman, often resulting in comedic failure.

Inspired by the nostalgia of 90's cartoons, Vintage Instincts is releasing a cartoon collection that features some of the most legendary cartoons from the decade. Our first character was Hey Arnold, and on August 1st we are releasing the Johnny Bravo hats in a variety of colours. 

Feel free to send us your feedback and suggest your favourite 90's cartoon! 

Check out the hats below and make sure you shop the Johnny Bravo collection before we sell out and move on to the next 90's cartoon!

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