Bucket Hats Made With Rare Vintage Fabrics

Posted by Alex Rogers at

The newest release from Vintage Instincts is a limited collection of high quality bucket hats, which incorporate rare vintage fabrics into the designs. These fabrics have been out of production for decades, and after recovering a small amount of them from collectors all over the world, we have cut and sewn the intricate fabrics under the brim of our bucket hats. In total, the collection features 5 different vintage fabrics, ranging from the 1960's - 1980's. Every hat is one of a kind, and only 25 of each style has been made. These hats are very limited, and by wearing one you can be certain that there is no one else rocking the same hat as you. Enjoy the quality and durability of modern clothing without sacrificing the history and uniqueness behind every vintage textile. Browse the entire collection at


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