Where does Vintage Instincts Get Their Fabrics?

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Vintage Instincts collects fabrics from a variety of sources. We carefully select the most detailed and intricate patterns we can find before cutting and sewing them into original releases. We don’t discuss our specific vintage fabric sources, but people ask all the time here we find them so I can give you an idea:

The very first fabrics I recovered for the Fall 2013 release were bought through a collector in Australia. While searching online for vintage clothing, I came across a small web shop run by a retired designer/seamstress. She had a variety of vintage garments sewn with unique patterns and vibrant colors. I contacted her and she happened to have old bolts of fabric. I bought my first dozen yards and got started.

Other sources of vintage fabrics used in our releases come from a network of vintage collectors and enthusiasts we are constantly building in search of the worlds most rare and interesting fabrics. We also find fabrics in antique markets, and occasionally repurpose the fabrics of other vintage garments for our own designs. The vintage market place is huge – spend enough time in it and you will meet people that have what you are looking for. It’s all about networking and building connections, to find people who were once in the industry or still have leads on quality fabrics. Vintage Instincts has the advantage of being located near Toronto Canada, a vintage hotspot bursting with vintage boutiques, fabrics, and apparel.

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