Why Support Vintage Instincts?

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With so many different clothing lines to choose from, Vintage Instincts does not try to appeal to everybody. We want the people who wear our clothing to connect with our brand in a way that inspires us both to grow. People who support Vintage Instincts value the opportunity to become part of a brand in its earlier stages. You have the opportunity to join a community where everyone is pursuing their own passion, and is supported by a group of like-minded individuals that motivate each other. People who support Vintage Instincts are the innovators in fashion who enjoy wearing unique and exclusive clothing. Inspired by street culture and hip-hop music, we are fans of creativity and want to express that in every aspect of life. We want to appeal to all of the unique individuals that are independently motivated to pursue personal success.

We get emails all the time from people asking for free merch or wanting a sponsorship. My response will always be the same: We sponsor our supporters. I wanted to give back to the people who truly connect with the vision of this brand, so rather than giving free clothing to ‘promoters’, I have included extra items in many orders. I realized that at the end of the day, the people who are actually going to promote Vintage Instincts are the same unique individuals who chose to support the brand in the first place. These people who are willing to take a leap of faith realize that they are not just getting a piece of clothing, but building a relationship with a brand that will do everything it can to support them back. For this reason we firmly believe that the individuals who wear this up-and-coming brand are the up-and-comers themselves.

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