Vintage New Era Snapbacks

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Not only does Vintage Instincts create our own unique designs using vintage fabrics, but we also focus on finding the highest quality vintage clothing from various decades. We are constantly expanding our network of vintage collectors and just recently we recovered a group of vintage New Era snapbacks that were manufactured in the USA in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s before New Era transferred their production over seas. As a result, these hats are very high quality and are unmatched by hats made now. Each one of these hats represent a time when apparel manufacturing was largely done in North America - when the quality of the clothing mattered more than the production cost.

These hats are deadstock. They are crisp and fresh and have never been worn before. Work them in by wearing them and have them mould to the shape of your head. To add a Vintage Instincts twist to the New Era hats we've sewn a collection of vintage patches onto the snapbacks. The hats are available blank or with a patch. Pictured here is the 1980’s Male Chauvinist patch sewn on the Columbia blue snapback. Other hats are also available at


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